Don’t Forget to Drink Your Ovaltine!


I say boys instead of men becuase I’m a demeaning evil woman who treat men like toys.

Just kidding.

Sort of. :p

So I’m seeing someone, casually. This doesn’t mean what you think! Neither he nor I are considered bootycalls. We just kinda like hanging out together. I took him to see Reverend Horton Heat play live at the El Rey which apparently he loved. 🙂

It was a great night. but i’m getting ahead of myself let me back up… *hits rewind on the betamax*

I met him on OkCupid. If you have no idea what this site is you are probably happily married. Or a hermit. You choose. He seemed uber nerdy and I like me some nerdiness! At the time I lived in East LA and nothing was more awesome then watching Barak Obama (he looks just like a young Obama!) pull up into my ghetto ass neighborhood (safest hood in LA tho!) in a red Porsche Cayman. I will not lie… I freaked out a lil. I got in his car, ignored the fact that my chunky butt made farty noises as it slid into the leather bucket passenger seat and we went for dinner and a movie.

I had fun! He had fun! BUT!! there was no spark. No OOMPH. No… HOLY CRAP HES THE ONE! nope. none at all.

So, we decided to be friends and hung out a few more times. He became my movie buddy. Saw all kinds of good stuff with him. 🙂 But, as time passed we grew apart. LOL soo dramatic.

Months and months and months passed! (like 6) and I suddenly get a text from him again! we start talking again and he realizes I’m into photography now and takes me shutterbugging. We have a great time at the Japanese Gardens, eating lunch watching Dr. Who and then sex.


I go home talking like a valley girl on drugs I’m so LIKE totally LIKE high on LIKE endorphins. 😛

ask me if i hear from him again….

go on… ask me.

Fine I’ll tell you anyway…  Yes! I did! albeit like 2 weeks later but yeah. :p we finally hang out again and omg I am so confused. I don’t know whether he likes me, if he used me, if i’m in friend mode again, if I smell like cheese… all of these are important facts and I am unaware to!

So like I said I took him to see Reverend Horton Heat and I was very surprised to see just how much he had fun! 🙂 so he walked me to my car after the show and I drove him to his and then…. he kissed me.

HE KISSED ME!!! that was last weekend.

ask me if i’ve heard from him.

So at this moment I feel as though I’m attempting to decrypt Lil Orphan Annie’s message and it’s spelling

Don’t Forg….

God i hope it’s not ovaltine.


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